Ordering Electrical and Audio-Visual Requirements 

Electrical supplies to the stand can only be carried out by authorised personnel and so it is important you think about your requirements in advance. It’s a vital component that is often not given the right amount of attention early enough in the planning process.
First of all, the stand lighting design is a fundamental component of how the look and functioning of the stand. At a very basic level, lighting enables visitors to clearly read text and view displays. But it can also help create atmosphere and project your image – literally!. Lighting can also be used to highlight a particular areas of your stand to bring attention to  important products and services.
You’ll also need electrical outlets for kettles and laptops, phone chargers – not to mention the various displays and equipment you’ll have on your stand. Once you start to list them all – as you must – you’ll be astonished by the number of power outlets you’ll need. And don’t think that you’ll get away with a plethora of multi-plug adaptors to get round your planning oversights. These can create a real hazard and risk blowing the whole circuit – causing a major upset with the show organisers and neighbouring stand. And you simply can’t have stray cables crossing the floor area posing an obvious to safety. 
Everything you plan to do with your electricity supply will need to comply with current I.E.E. and venue regulations. Your exhibitor manual will have all the details and, again these will need to be ordered well in advance – as there are often penalties for missing deadlines.

Audio-Visual Requirements 

dj-923468_640Everyone knows there is a multimedia revolution going on – so they’ll need the latest Audio Visual gear to make an impact. But equipment isn’t where you need to start with this. Its with the CONTENT!!
There’s no doubt that a well made video can help you sell – but putting together ‘good’ video is non-trivial and more difficult to do than the current crop of social media viral successes would have us believe. There’s no doubt that the public have an insatiable appetite for video, but they’re very discerning and won’t tolerate mediocrity. Ant the exhibition environment is particularly harsh one for this medium. Don’t think that you can simply run your ‘corporate video’ in an endless loop to entertain and engage the masses.  In an event environment it is absolutely vital to get your message across in just a few seconds and its usually a noisy environment where its difficult hear even the best audio systems over the din. 
So think carefully about the messages you want to get across and, if you ARE going to invest in electronic Audio Visual communication make sure that you allocate a significant part of the budget to production, and use it wisely well in advance of the actual event.
And when it actually comes to sourcing the actual equipment, it is often easiest to hire in the specialised AV requirements. This will save you the risk of damage during transportation, and not only will the AV contractor have the latest equipment, but they will be used to hire for events and so can specifically advise you about volume levels and contrast ratios. The many packages on offer will be flexible and allow for individual requirements and typically include installation and insurance. 
You will need to make separate arrangements if you need a technician to attend for the duration of your event, but most AV packages will include set it up, and ensure you are happy with everything before leaving your stand, and solving any problems during the event.