Picking the Right Place – Picking the Right Partners

Every event will have its own floor plan from which you can select where you’d like to have your stand. Just bear in mind, that this plan may change as exhibitors confirm their intentions. Obviously, the earlier you book the better the choice of stand and location you arre likely to have.

There are many things that you’ll want to consider when you select your spot. Do you want to be near an entrance? Hospitality facilities? Side, corner or island? You may aslo think about where your competitors have their stands, where the main show feature areas are located and what features you have in mind for your own stand.

How much space will you need for products as well as space for your staff to meet visitors. You’ll also need to think about any general storage you man need and along with private meeting areas and/or hospitality that you require.

Open sides have the advantage of easy access, so try to ensure that your furnishings and layout do not obstruct and entrances and exits from your stand too much.

In short, you’ll need to take advice from people with many years of experience behind them to help you think about what the issues are and how to make the best decisions.

Perfect Partner(s)


gears-936725_1280Most shows will have a list of preferred or recommended contractor from which you can choose. Their contact details will probably be in the Exhibitor Manual or sullied on request. If it’s a shell scheme that you’re after, then its likely that you’ll need to engage with the contractor responsible for building shell scheme stands.

Whereas if you’re opting for a Space Only site, then you’ll usually be free to appoint a contractor of your own choosing.

While cost will always be an issue when selecting ANY contractor, its also wise to think about their overall experience – and particularly their experience of the actual industry, and venue involved. There’s no substitute for local knowledge and experience when it comes t exhibitions.

Also make sure that they are well regarded in the industry. The ESSA — the Event Supplier and Services Association — represents over 200 of Britain’s best exhibition designers, contractors and suppliers of materials and services. You can find them here www.essa.uk.com

Some of businesses you’ll want to choose from are specialists, and may simply offer a design and/or build services, while there are many more who offer a fully integrated service. You need to select an organisation big enough and experienced enough to meet your needs – but not so big that you’re only a number to them!

meeting-1020176_640You’ll need to have a good working relationship with your chosen party, and the better the brief you give them, the more likely ut will be that your needs are met. The more ideas you put forward the happier you’ll probably be with the result, but, at the same time, don’t be too prescriptive. Describe your needs in terms of function rather than form and let experience have its way.

As we’ve discussed in other blog posts we’ve published, it pays to be clear and put forward what you need to do on your stand – it can also sometimes be helpful to put foreward any experience you may have had in the past regarding what may have worked well, or not so well, in other events you’ve attended.

Your chosen partner will then incorporate your requirements, with any Health and Safety issues, to design and build the optimum stand for you