Exhibiting Success

DLDavid Loughlin – Managing Director of Exact Exhibitions – understands the importance of building good contacts and his life in the events industry.

Exact Exhibitions was established in 2012 and it comprises my four part-time staff and David. I am effectively a broker. I work with contractors across different sectors for companies of different sizes to supply everything needed for an exhibition or event. There are people out there who want to host an event but they don’t have the skillset in-house or contacts to make it happen – that’s where I come in. I can deliver what they need.

I can help source, design and custom-build exhibition stands; use solid aluminium with loop nylon infill panels to create flexible shell schemes for exhibitions that can be adapted to suit the event; and take the stress out of planning by overseeing every aspect of an event that you could need help with, from finding the ideal venue to parking solutions and site security.

Years of Experience

I left school at the age of 18 and went to join the family business, which was exhibition contracting. That was around 30 years ago and I’ve been in the industry ever since. I worked with my family for a few years and it was a successful company, but the business was wound down during the first recession and we parted ways.

I started up my own company called the Event Partnership. Seven years later, I launched Exact Exhibitions. Apart from my team of four part-time staff, I generally work on my own and call upon people when I need them. My success is down to the skillsets of the contractors I use and that I work with an excellent group of people. We’ve developed a strong working relationship.

My favourite thing about my job is the flexibility. Meeting different clients, doing different jobs. No two days are the same, no two events are the same and the challenge keeps it interesting. I get to work with people who have an idea in mind for an event and then make it happen.

Committed to Customers

The service Exact Exhibitions provides can vary. For example, I work with the events team at the Great Yorkshire Show, helping exhibitors to get to their stands, whereas I work on other events where I’m managing the whole event, for example the Conference and Hospitality Show (CHS). Exact Exhibitions did the full package for CHS, from the shell scheme and the electrics to the event management and health and safety on-site. There aren’t many companies out there prepared to offer the complete service but Exact Exhibitions can.

My knowledge of the industry and my work ethic makes Exact Exhibitions different. I work hard to make sure my customers get what they want. If someone wants a quote at 5pm on Friday night I’ll do it then. Its not a matter of when I get around to it. I work at a pace to suit my clients rather than a pace that suits me. You can’t afford to have a backlog.

It’s Personal

Yorkshire has an excellent road infrastructure, so we can get to London in four hours on a good day and can be over the Pennines in two. There’s also a good supply chain in Yorkshire. There’s not much that I need that I have to source outside of the county. We have everything we need right here.

On a personal note, I’ve lived in Yorkshire all of my life and I’ve never contemplated moving out of the region. It’s important to have a good work-life balance and basing my life and family in North Yorkshire means that we are all as content, as we can be. It is a good place to raise a family and I’m able to juggle work with home life`easily. Ultimately, you feel happier going to work if your family is happy, and basing my life here in Yorkshire has done just that.