Stand Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your stand is just as important as choosing the stand itself. In fact the two things need to be considered at the same time. The Stand Furniture you choose will make a huge impact on the look and how your stand functions, so don’t leave it as an afterthought.

Many aspects need consideration, but its important to avoid creating an overcrowded feeling – make your stand look inviting to draw the visitors to you. Are you looking to create a formal or informal setting? What fits best with the image you want to project ?

Need to Sit on Your Stand?

Do you want visitors to be seated? If so, think about how long you’d like them to stay. Can you accommodate a large number of people on your stand at one time? Or are you looking to maximise the flow onto and around your stand? If so, will furniture get in the way ?

DSC00088It’s not just desks and seats that you need to think about. What about items such as display cabinets, magazine / flyer stands or even storage cupboards etc? Properly accommodating these items creates a de-cluttered and professional appearance, while at the same time you’ll have everything everything to hand that you and customers will need.

You’ll also need to think about where you’ll get your stand furniture from. You can, of course, bring your own, but transport might be difficult and there’s also a risk that it may be damaged and/or look shabby is the context of a show environment.

Can your Organiser help?

Your exhibitor manual will almost certainly have details of packages arranged by the organiser and there are a number of companies who hire appropriate furniture and maintain an extensive stock. Ordering these as soon as possible will prevent the disappointment of finding out too late that what you need is already spoken for.

Many organisers also provide furniture packages as part of their shell scheme costs — but remember that many others, including your competitors, will probably choose this option, and selection your own source of furniture might help you stand out.