Stands that Deliver!

So, you’ve chosen your show – but how will you make your presence felt?

The size and design of the stand you choose will make a significant difference to the way you are perceived in the marketplace.

And the layout of your stand has to ‘work’. You’re there to do business, so your stand not only has to look good – there are lots of functional requirements that it needs to fulfil too.

So here are some of the important options you’ll need to consider when you’re deciding on what kind of stand is ‘right’ for you.

Shell Scheme

At any Exhibition Space is, almost always, sold by the square metre and, again almost always, there will be a basic stand package on offer – which is called a SHELL SCHEME.

This usually consists of a basic structure consisting of one, two or three walls, depending on position, from which you can sell and promote your products and services. The usual height restriction of a shell scheme will be either 2.4m – 2.5m.

shellplansThe price of a Shell Scheme stand usually includes carpet, a fascia board for your company name and stand number. They are usually of modular construction with white walls held together with a light aluminium frame. But don’t be put off by the often regimented layout of this most basic form. With some thought and a little creativity, you can make this space your own – and the range on offer is growing all the time – and many permutations are now available, including a custom/semi custom built hybrid stand.

Some organisers even include lights and electrical sockets in the basic basic package, along with a combination of standard or optional range of furniture – but this varies widely, so you’ll need to check for your specific show(s)

Space Only

You can select to hire the floor space only — this is called SPACE ONLY. Space only stands can normally be built to a height of 4m – after which planning permission is usually required, but in some cases it is possible to double your available space by building a double decker stand.

The layout of the show is usually pre-determined with spaces allocated for stands of various sizes and where it is up to you to design and build something that fits the space. This is quite a formidable prospect – especially if you’ve not done it before – and one not to be taken lightly. It’s almost certainly best to consult a specialist.

Even assuming that you are clear about you objectives at the show (new sales opportunities, networking with suppliers, take orders, launch new products/services, capture data, create brand awareness, etc.) extracting these goals from a blank canvas ‘space’ takes skill and years of experience. But here’s our checklist of just some of the things you’ll need to conciser:

Budget. What are you prepared to spend on this?

Visitors. What will visitors expect from your stand? Information? Hospitality? Engagement?

Staff. How many staff will be needed to service the stand? What are their needs?

Seating. Do you need to provide seating and will this be formal or informal?

Numbers. How many visitors do you expect to visit your stand? How long will they linger?

Meetings. Could the meetings take place off the stand? What event facilities are available?

Flow. How many sides of the stand will be open to traffic? Can we accomodate the flow?

Services. Will the floor be carpet any/or raised? Will this accommodate required services (electric,internet,water)?

Security: Do we need locker space? At night? During the day?

Display. Will products be on display ? Do they have any special requirements ?

Hospitality. What facilities are needed?

Traffic. Is the stand in the right location to get the required traffic?

As you can see, there are many things to think about – and we’ve only just scratched the surface here!!